Musical & Music Theatre


Zaad van Satan

Musical for 7 soloists, choir & wind band

Zaad van Satan is a Flemisch musical situated in the middle ages. Elisabeth and her daughter Kathelijne get into trouble, when they are being accused of witchcraft by the jealous Anna. Ciske and Pierke are 2 village fools who instigate this story when their lamb suddenly dies. Elisabeth and Kathelijne are being held responsible for this.

It is Kathelijne who will eventually be brought before a public and religious court with the accusation of witchcraft. Thomas, who is engaged with Anna, is more in love with Kathelijne and tries everything to protect her and stop this madness. Elisabeth is pregnant, but looses her baby. They say it was Satan’s child. The village priest doesn’t know how to respond to these difficult issues.

Zaad Van Satan affiche

DKathelijne is convicted to die on the stake, but the story unfolds in a surprising way… The musical was performed for the first time in the public garden of the castle Altena in Kruibeke. More then 10.000 people came to watch the shows. After the premiere, there was a lot of foreign interest, which lead to performances in Holland, Germany, Italy and Japan. Two concert suites of this musical, named Saga Candida and Saga Maligna have been published and are being performed all over the world.

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Meisje Regenboog

Musical (for kids)

This poetic Music theatre show tells the story of the shepherd boy Pedro who is sick of guarding the sheep and leaves for the city to become rich.

Meisje Regenboog was written for vocal (one voice) accompanied by flute, clarinet, piano, bass guitar and percussion. There are 8 songs in Total, which can be performed with a story teller or as a part of a complete musical..


De Jongen van Zee

Music theatre production for 2 actors and saxophone quartet

‘De Jongen Van Zee’ is a ferrytale about een busy father who has difficulties in dealing with his son. The boy escapes from his father by dreaming and by doing crazy and funny things.

The highlights of this production were published in a composition for saxophone quartet, named Seaside Suite.