Zaad van Satan


"Zaad Van Satan" is a originally a Flemisch musical situated in the middle ages. This musical was performed for the first time in the public garden of the castle Altena in Kruibeke. More then 10.000 people came to watch the shows. After the premiere, there was a lot of foreign interest, which lead to performances in Holland, Germany, Italy and Japan. This book contains the complete music of the original music and can be used as rehearsal material, for performances of singers, for choirs or as study material.

Zaad Van Satan songboek

01. Ouverture
02. Beschuldigingen
03. Idylle
04. Feest
05. De Tijd Vliegt Snel
06. Trouwfeest & Terugkeer
07. Aanklacht
08. De Vierschaar
09. De Brandstapel
10. Nacht Van Bevrijding
11. Persoonsverwisseling
12. Terechtstelling

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