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Reel History of Britain

This prestigious BBC-documentary presented by Melvyn Bragg, topics the social history of Great-Britain in the 20th century. The music was written in coöperation with Graham Reilly and recorded by the renowned BBC-Philharmonic Orchestra.

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The Planners

The Planners is an eight-part observational documentary series that reveals the work of a number of Council Planning Officers from across the UK. Shot over a six-month period, the series follows home owners, property developers and businesses as they navigate the planning process.

Each episode will include a range of different stories highlighting properties and buildings at different stages within the Planning process and will show what it takes to build the most inspirational, complex and beautiful homes and buildings in Britain today.

We'll take viewers into the architects' offices, the planning meeting, on site and up the scaffolding to show the work at every stage and reveal it requires much more than bricks and mortar. The story is told through the eyes, ears and drawings of the Planners themselves - the people who interpret the rules, evaluate the proposals and make the recommendations.

The music was written in coöperation with Graham Reilly.