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wind band, fanfare band, brass band

concert work, contest piece


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Cathedrals have always appealed to the imagination. Hundreds of years of manpower have been invested in their building and it is not for nothing that today they represent imposing symbols of architecture and history. The cathedral is also a great source of inspiration for compositions, drawing on a full palette of acoustic echo effects, Gregorian melodies and organ based choral themes.

The work “Cathedrals” opens with a five tone motif using double tonguing which resonates through space. Then comes a Gregorian antiphonal theme “Salve Regina” which is heard in the euphonium and later combines with the opening motif. The quicker passage that follows is based entirely on the intervals in the motif which by now has added rhythmic variations and develops in different forms, including a fugue. The work then builds towards its first climax, from which unusual muted sounds emerge creating an atmosphere shrouded in mystery.

Gradually, more melodious fragments are added to the Gregorian antiphonal theme which develops into an expansive choral, emulating the organ and which rises above the sound mass. The work grows more powerful and brilliant in sound until it culminates in a short and explosive finale wherein elements from the whole work come together.


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