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Gulliver's Travels






wind band, fanfare band

concert work, contest piece


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The book "Gulliver’s Travels" (1726) by author Jonathan Swift formed the provocation for writing this composition. Even though this composition isn’t a literal representation of the original story, a number of elements were still retained. The ship’s doctor Gulliver finds himself in 4 (fictive) areas, each with their own inhabitants and customs. Each part of this suite also received the name of one of these areas:

I. Lilliput
The enterprising Lilliputians are represented by a playful, common theme in the first part.

II. Brobdingnag
In the land of "Brobdingnag" Gulliver is carried off by gigantic giants, which you hear approaching with the sounds of the bass instruments. The same theme is constantly repeated and quickened in order to increase the tension.

III. Laputa
Laputa is an island that floats in the air; its inhabitants are strange people with slanting heads. The dreamy, special atmosphere is especially well conveyed here.

IV. The Houyhnhnms
Finally Gulliver finds himself in the land of the Houyhnhnms, where intelligent and noble horses rule over the primitive, undeveloped people (yahoos). The trumpets in the brilliant opening express the galloping horses; the gallant theme that follows (horns and trombones) symbolises the primitive yahoos. The whole composition ends with a big finale.


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