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wind band, fanfare band

concert work, contest piece


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The renowned book "Ivanhoe" by Sir Walter Scott (1791) formed the starting point when writing this heroic composition. In fact it’s the emotional tension and atmosphere of the book (instead of the original story line) that is represented musically in 3 parts.

Part 1 refers to the sense of honour and the pride of the knight who fights for his ideals.After a bombastic opening a noble hymn follows that turns into a dansant theme in 6/8 time. In the middle part the difficulty of choosing between love and loyalty is expressed (Ivanhoe loves Rebecca, but must marry Princess Rowena) in a compelling and increasingly modulating theme (agitation) that builds up to a climax.

Then the turmoil of battle erupts (part 3) which conveys the personal vendetta between Ivanhoe and Templar Brian. The piece ends in a magnificent finale where the bombastic opening and noble hymn from the beginning are resumed.

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