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Meet the Orchestra






wind band

concert piece


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In “Meet the Orchestra”, you are introduced to the various instruments of the wind band. The whole band plays the constantly-recurring refrain, while the following instruments perform solos in the foreground during the interludes:
1) the flute, double reeds (oboe, bassoon and cor anglais) and contrabass
2) the saxophones (alto and tenor) and clarinets (B-flat and bass)
3) the brass instruments (trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium and bass tuba)
4) piano, percussion and harp

For the last refrain, we once again hear these four groups, playing one after the other, and building to a majestic tutti.

The melody of the refrain is deliberately kept simple so that novice musicians can sing or play (on any type of instrument) along with it. The piece, which was commissioned by the music publisher Photo Music International, was originally written for symphony orchestra.

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