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Symphony nr.1: Gilgamesh






wind band

concert work, contest piece


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The Epic of Gilgamesh was found in the middle of the 19th century, written on 25,000 clay tablets. After an extensive study of the tablets, this old Sumerian epic was translated, even though many of the tablets were never found. The epic was a source of inspiration for Bert Appermont to write his first symphony, which contains 4 movements:

1) Gilgamesh & Enkidu

2) Battle of Titans

3) Adventures in the Forest

4) Journey to Utnapishim


The first movement introduces the 2 half gods Gilgamesh and Enkidus. In the second movement, the 2 characters fight each other in a heroic battle and discover that they are equal in strength. They become friends and go on adventure in the forest (3th Movement), where they battle with all kind of dangerous creatures. In the last movement (Journey to Utnapishim) Enkidu tries to find an answer to mortality, when his friend Gilgamesh dies.

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