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The Red Stone






wind band, fanfare band

concert work, contest piece


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The inspiration for this composition was the town of Ingwiller, in the French Elzas region.

The title of the piece refers to the many buildings in this beautiful town which are constructed with a local red sandstone.


The composition has 4 movements:

  1. Echoes from the Past:

After a grand opening, the music takes on an imaginary train ride to the past. This refers to the ‘Schlembe’, a train that used to pass through Ingwiller for a period of 60 years.


  1. The Call from Nature:

Hills, forests, fields and meadows form a beautiful landscape around the houses. This beauty comes alive in an idyllic slow movement.


  1. Echoes from the Past (2)

The train continues its spectacular journey through time and space.


  1. Towards a bright future:

A hymnlike melody resounds in a cheerful finale. This symbolises the town as a flourishing place where people from various background live happily together.


The piece was commissioned by the ‘Municipal Music of Ingwiller’ for their 150th anniversary.

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