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Three blind Mice






Wind band

Concert piece, contest piece


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This composition is based on the children’s song ‘Three Blind Mice’, of which the melody is featured in a range of variations: in a canon, in inversion, in minor, transformed, with changing harmonisations and orchestrations, and in different times and tempi. 

The work consists of three continuous, contrasting movements: 

1) Mouse March: The mice cheerfully set off while the original melody is presented as a march.  

2) Hymn: In a tuneful hymn, the wonderful praises of the life of mice are sung.  

3) Catch Me If You Can: In an animated chase, the farmer’s wife is trying to catch the mice. Following a stirring acceleration, she cuts off their tails in accordance with the lyrics of the song.

I hope this work, with its humorous touch, will be a welcome contribution to the expansion of interesting repertoire for the lower divisions. - Bert Appermont

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